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    Ambattur, Chennai - 600 098.
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Namaste's design is inspired by the warm attitude of welcoming hands folded in greeting. This perfectly describes the personality of Namaste that has recognized the change from classical system of learning to innovative and interactive ways by surfing, collaborative real time discussions and problem solving. Namaste being completely IT enabled welcomes this transformation with open arms.


Offers foldable desks and seats that are easy to operate
Foldable desks and seats are designed for space saving by creating walking aisle space when folded in
Ergonomic design maintains the correct distance between desk and seat that ensures correct posture while writing or using a laptop etc.
Easy plug and play feature built into the product enables use of laptops, LCDs, audio visual equipment more easily, facilitating interactive learning
It is offered as a set of front, middle & rear units. Middle unit can be offered in multiples as per seating capacity requirements.
The Front Unit comes with a modesty panel for a uniform look. The Middle Unit is a combination of desk and seat with a common panel that helps optimize space. Also, the rear unit sports a back support for additional comfort.
Grouted understructure assures you of sturdiness and fixed position thus ensuring organized lecture halls
Hooks on the side of the desk allow bags to be hung
Cushioned seats for comfort during long hours of sitting
Available in 2, 3 & 4 seater configurations



Model Width Depth Height
2 Seater Front 1374 698.5 890
2 Seater Middle 1374 1079.5 890
2 Seater Rear 1374 751 890
3 Seater Front 2044 698.5 890
3 Seater Middle 2044 1079.5 890
3 Seater Rear 2044 751 890
4 Seater Front 2713 698.5 890
4 Seater Middle 2713 1079.5 890
4 Seater Rear 2713 751 890