Aesthetics aside, Arrive is loaded with full feature functionality. Imagine the unparalleled pleasure of getting behind its imposing facade behind its plush worktop thats puts you in power the moment you are behind it.

An all veneer desk exudes status and luxury
It comprises an Executive Desk, Mobile Side Unit, Mobile Pedestal and Credenza
Softness of leather is combined with the rigidity of square table-board, tempering force with grace
Sleek design with smart case-space slides effortlessly in style
Side Unit can be placed on either side of the user and serves as an efficient storage unit
Wire management provided within the desk ensure wire free space
Thickness of the Executive Desk ensures sturdiness


    Model Width Depth Height
    Executive Desk 3600 1080 750
    Mobile Side Unit 1900 480 550
    Mobile Pedestal 480 640 600
    Credenza 1000 480 2035