Optimizer, the high density storage system, aims to overcome the limitations of traditional storage systems. It uses intelligent design to provide more storage in the same space. Plus its sturdy construction and vibrant coloured tile body ensure the look of the office is not compromised. With its cavernous storage space, the Optimizer allows for maximum savings on rent. With Optimizer you can say good bye to clutter and enjoy total peace of mind.

Designed for long life and easy part replacement
Uses one common aisle space that optimizes available space
PU Drive wheel for firm grip and hassle-free mobility
Channel stoppers prevent derailment
Label holders with neat transparent acrylic sheets facilitate easy identification
Locking stiffners for centralised locking ensures safety of documents
Rotating lock with easy to identify lock/unlock position ensures safety
Shims provided below the rails for right levelling
Available in Drive type and Push-pull type models
Specialised healthcare accessories available
100% VOC free powder coating
Designed for long life
98% recyclable