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Product Information


Airnet is a stylish chair ideally suited for the customers in the Indian Corporate, SME & SOHO segment.

Premium Executive

Godrej Premium Executive Chairs are specially designed to enhance individual efficiency and comfort. The concept of office furniture has shifted from the aesthetic, towards human engineering. And Godrej has been a pioneer in this field, where form must necessarily follow function, if efficiency is not to suffer. The primary aim is clearly comfort. And when it comes to Godrej Premium Executive Chairs, comfort has never looked better. Every element of the chair has been designed to effectively carry out a specific function.


Creating a truly unique and personal look for your office, this chair amplifies the status of its user adding a unique distinction to your surroundings. Classic styling with flowing graceful lives, this chair speaks of power, sophistication and elegance. The extremely comfortable chair defines relaxation and expresses authority. Take a moment, sit back and wrap yourself in absolute luxury. This sophisticated chair perfectly compliments the décor of any modern workplace, enhancing the grace and elegance of its surroundings.


Smile is a stylish chair ideally suited for the customers in the Indian Corporate, SME & SOHO segment


Oxbo is designed to add STYLE to your work area. Seat, Back & Armrest forms flowing into each other to create an INTEGRATED LOOK !!


Kareena Product Description: You often set high standard for your business, why not for office chairs? Presenting the state-of-the-art chair Kareena from Godrej for all office needs. Now, every time when someone takes the seat for those important discussions let the chair do the talking unknowingly.


This chair is based on a new seating platform: the Bio-Synchro Mechanism. This unique platform has a gliding seat to ensure full contact & support of the users lumbar area at all tilt positions.


Diva range is ergonomically and flawlessly designed on the principles of human engineering, to maximise efficiency through comfort in a demanding work environment. The chairs have a characteristic flexi-back that flexes naturally as you recline, without any adjustment mechanism, for maximum comfort and relief. Even when upright, it lends constant and proper support to your back. The adjustment T - type armrest can be set to a most comfortable and suitable height for you personally. Shifting the weight of yours arms away from your shoulders, alleviating stress and fatigue.


A modern desk suite guaranteed to attract the attention and possible envy of others. Designed for top management, this exquisite collection will, no doubt, make you the focal point of your office.