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Product Information

Steel Pallet

Pallet is a medium to unitize SKUs. Tubular pallets consist of a welded framework with intermittent tubes forming the top surface. These pallets are suitable for cartons, bags etc. Corrugated pallets consist of a rigid framework with corrugated sheet surface. These pallets are suitable for cartons, bags, lose components etc.

Plastic Bins

Fami polypropylene plastic containers offer excellent value for money. These are ideal containers for automatic storage systems, automated handling and for manual handling. Fami bins are shock and oil resistant and comes with an unmatched 5 years guarantee. Perforated and solid variants are available. On request, containers with wheels, transplinth/feet for pallets are also available.

MS Steel Bins

Fami steel stacking containers are an excellent value for money option. These are available in grey or blue colours. Galvanised options are also available. 90 degree block handle helps in easy handling of the bins. Bins are designed considering easy carriage in trolleys. Front opening variants are also present for easy picking of smaller components.

Bin Transportation Trolleys

Fami combi trolleys are modular trolleys with provision for shelves (horizontal and inclined with retainers). They are ideal for bulk movement of bins. Several varieties of self-stackable bins are also present under Fami.