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Product Information


LEAD creates a feeling of openness that imparts a futuristic air to the office décor and gives it an uber-modern look and feel. This smartly designed wood and metal combination provides stepped-up functionality and adds to the youthful dynamism of the organization.


Inspired by Orion constellation from which it borrows its unique trapezoidal lines, Orion is for those who wish to design their cabin space with versatile and stylish furniture. It is designed to make efficient use of compact cabin spaces by using the otherwise untilized wall space. And, it comes in variety of sizes to fit perfectly into any cabin layout.


Corporate eloquence begins with the aura within your office. And what could create this better than Maestro. Where every piece of furniture within your cabin is in harmony with the ultimate corporate mien. A premium, exclusive desking suite that makes working not just a pleasure, but also a luxury to indulge in.


Everyone dreams of having their own cabin at work and when it comes to having one, they want it to be unique, aspirational and grand. That's the word “impress”. Keeping that in mind, Godrej Interio brings you an impressive office suite called Impress. Its dynamic design, contemporary looks and convenient features come like an extension of your power dressing.


A vision of exclusivity, Numero Uno is the perfect suite for discerning senior executives who appreciate opulence and grace. Enveloped in reddish brown Mahogany, Numero Uno bestows a feeling of being the first among equals.


Chic and versatile, Icon has been designed for the motivated achiever and is a picture of success. Icon is an elegant symphony in which classic and contemporary collide.


Aesthetics aside, Arrive is loaded with full feature functionality. Imagine the unparalleled pleasure of getting behind its imposing facade – behind its plush worktop thats puts you in power the moment you are behind it.


Designed for those who have truly arrived, the Jefferson Presidential Suite is the pinnacle of perfection. Crafted in rich veneer, this masterpiece is built to add status and power to your cabin


Augment attentiveness, boost decisiveness and increase productivity with Marquis, specially designed for the top brass. A fine blend of modern aesthetics and classical appeal, the Marquis creates an aura of nobility.